About Tantra

In October 2015, I sat 1 hour completely in Samadhi. No thought.
Then the universe send me a message: that i should start massaging women.
After only 3 sessions with women it was clear to me and to my clients that i had special healing abilities and feeling abilities with my hands
The postive feedback and life changing massages become a way of life to me
I give from the heart. I give the woman time to unfold all her energies. It is a healing session

Tantra to me is just a word. What i feel in the sessions is your energies, your emotions, your unresolved issues
I use the bodies energies (Yin-Yang/Ida-Pingala) including sexual energies to open up all chakras. Thereby you become more and more aware.
We use consciousness to observe the body as it opens up

I can work with one woman or several women at the same time. Some sessions can be so beautiful you cannot put it into words
It is really something you must try. Only then you will understand. I have had sessions with individual women, sisters, best female friends, mother and daughter, bicurious women. Any session like this deepens your energetic bond and clears away blockages between you.

Tantra can be about sex but it doesn't have to be. It all depends what is right for you at the right time.
Sometimes Tantra is just feeling energies and being fully clothed. Other times it is naked and very intimate.
With me it can flow easily and nothing is required of you. You can just relax and enjoy

I have had sessions where because all energies open up the woman has a full body orgasm without or with minimal touching and fully clothed
If you have not experienced it its hard to understand or believe

Some Reviews
"I never believed in Chakras and Energies. But what happened in these 2 hours just blew me away"

"Hello Daniel, after a bit, I can say that has changed energetically with me ... I feel myself again permeated by love and surrounded ..."

"Thank you for yesterday, I am full of energy and good mood now."

"I really do not know what you did yesterday, but I want more of it ...."

"... a burden has fallen from me ... Thank you."

"Now I feel completely well"

"I've never felt anything like that."

"You gave me a lot"

"Most of the men have no idea how to touch women, I can let you fall right, I trust you"

"With my 40 years, I had the feeling for the first time a man knows how to touch me, I thought it was always me, I do not know how to thank you, it was indescribably beautiful .."

After heart chakra Opening:
"The last time I felt that way was a few years ago when I was on a spiritual journey in India, I can feel the heart energy right"

"Where did you learn that? Come tell me where you learned that, I do not know anyone who does it so well."

"I've told all my friends about you, I'm thrilled."

"I've never had anything like that before, when I then had a hairy hair with you, I also noticed that my back pain, which I usually always have, are totally gone"

"That was just indescribable. I've never seen anything like that before."

"Now, the days after, I feel like a new born, full of energy and more self-confident than a woman."

"Something intense I've never had"

"I wish I had done this before"

"You are like a magician"

"You did me very well .. May I come back? :-)"

"I do not know how I can ever give you what you gave me"

If you also want to have such experiences or similar and want to have a really nice sensual massage with spiritual elements then contact me.

Experience reports from me:

I would like to point out that I do not solve any health problems and therefore do not promise. Women come to me out of curiosity for the spiritual session. What results is obtained

A woman came to me and was just curious. I quickly noticed something wrong with her heart chakra. It turned out there was an unresolved issue in a relationship of the past. Shortly thereafter breast cancer. After the session she said she had to cry for 1 week. I told her the energy of the blockade comes up and goes through consciousness. There it is processed as tears and taken. She's just supposed to stay in now as I've shown it to her and have the body processed. Sometimes it takes a session like that with me that the mind takes up the trauma again and processes it

Sexually mistreated women also come to me. This type of trauma lies deep and lasts a time until it is processed. A lot of patience and feeling is needed after several sessions. Many now have a relationship or a great relationship again

Women with orgasm problems also come to me. Then I look at the energy in the root and sacral chakra. Women who have been 20 years long or have never had an orgasm now again. Sometimes it is the partner who sometimes experiences childhood.

I went to a friend's home and spontaneously I said, "lie down" and then I have made a few acupressure and energy massage handles according to my intuition. The energy was free and she said she has never felt so much heart energy.

Somebody came to me and had problems with breathing. In the 3 session, the hidden energies began to come to the surface. A trauma as childhood. She can breathe freely again.

A customer has developed such strong intuition that she can now communicate with animals telepathically

Women who say they are strong headmasters or can not shut down saying they can turn off the first time

People who are dissatisfied or suffer for any reason discover that it is not necessary

A depressive customer said she had a few exercises that I have shown her now has the depression under control

I had a woman where I had stimulated your Sacral Chakra and spread the energy across the body. Two weeks later, she tells me that she is still totally in exstase and full of energy