About Me

Hello everyone :-)

I have very high intuition & very sensitive body.
I feel energies & emotions within other people. Sometimes even before they arrive to a session.
Just by doing spiritual exercises or sessions with me i can clear your life problems.
I have done around 400 sessions sometimes even with 2 or more women. Many group sessions also in parks with 10-30 people
Spirituality is my life. The universe pushes me to it. Another healer who could look into the past told me that i was once an egyptian priest caring for women. As a double cancer (ascendant and sunsign) it is my natural tendency to be highly intuitive and caring. In 2015 i had a spiritual awakening which led me in the direction of healing. I can sense Ida and Pingala energies in the body and where emotions are stored and which emotions are stored and i can release them using various techniques

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i use various techniques in my sessions to help people:
opening energies & Chakras through:
* Massage (Chakra or Tantra)
* Touch
* Yoga
* Mantras
* Acupressure
* Reiki
* Craniosacral
* Non-dualism
* pointed questioning by connecting with higher intelligence

Get in touch with me to receive a free massage. In return we will record the sessions for youtube